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ForeFront Portfolio 3.0

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ForeFront Portfolio 3.0SM is a comprehensive insurance solution from Chubb, a leader in providing insurance to privately owned companies since 1975. We specifically designed ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 to help small to midsized private companies cope with potentially devastating threats to their financial well-being.

Choice and Flexibility
With ForeFront Portfolio 3.0, companies have choice and flexibility in managing their most complex and catastrophic exposures.

Depending on its profile and potential exposures, a private company can select up to nine optional coverage parts from an extensive portfolio of protection, including:

Customers can determine their level of protection by selecting either:

  • A combined aggregate limit of liability for all their liability coverage parts, or
  • Separate aggregate limits of liability for each individual coverage part.

ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 is the affordable insurance solution. It just makes sense. Too much is at stake: A company's assets, its bottom line, and even its survival. Not to mention the personal wealth of its management team.

A Trusted Partner
Chubb has earned its leadership position in the private company marketplace by consistently providing innovative specialty insurance products, superior service, unparalleled underwriting expertise, and unflinching commitment to fair and prompt claims handling.



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