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A publicly owned company can be many things. It can be a good employer. A provider of valuable goods and services. An upstanding corporate citizen and community asset. A well spring of creativity and innovation. A source of wealth for stockholders.

And it can be a target. Because for all the good a company does, whatever its size of makeup, it operates in a risky business environment. No company is insulated from the outside world.

That's why Chubb offers Executive Protection Portfolio to publicly traded companies. Executive Protection Portfolio is a comprehensive insurance solution specifically designed to help publicly owned companies cope with potentially devastating threats to their financial well-being. With Executive Protection Portfolio, companies have choice and flexibility in managing their most complex and catastrophic exposures. Coverages include:

Chubb has earned its leadership position by consistently providing broad coverage, superior service, outstanding expertise, and unflinching commitment to helping companies solve their executive protection problems.



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