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Venture Capital Asset Protection

Tailored Insurance for Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

Chubb’s Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP) policy offers venture capital and private equity firms an effective, comprehensive way to transfer and migrate many of their most significant liabilities by combining four coverages into one policy:

  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Management Indemnification Insurance
  • Outside Directorship Liability Insurance
  • Professional Services Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance

The activities and exposures of venture capital and private equity firms continue to evolve and the need for a comprehensive insurance program that can address them is more apparent than ever.


Also available as an enhancement to our VCAP policy is Chubb's new VCAP Gateway Endorsement, which further addresses the private equity/venture capital industry's evolving regulatory and economic environment and increasingly complex deal structures.  


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