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Executive Elite - Clause 1 ('Side A') Excess D&O Liability

Consider: When a company's directors and officers are sued, what protection do they have when the organization:

  • Fails or refuses to indemnify a director or officer, even if it has an obligation to do so and is financially solvent?
  • Is sued along with the directors and officers, and the directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance policy limits are consumed by the policy's entity coverage, leaving no coverage for the directors and officers?
  • Is financially unable to indemnify its directors and officers against claims made against them?
  • Is prevented by law (domestic or international) from indemnifying its directors and officers for the particular claim at issue?

The frightening answer could be none —unless the directors and officers have D&O liability insurance with their own dedicated limit of liability. 

The Solution: Executive EliteSM by Chubb

  • Helps protect the personal assets of directors and officers by covering claims where the corporate entity is unwilling or unable to provide indemnification to its leadership team. 
  • Provides broad form excess Clause 1 ("Side A") D&O liability coverage, featuring difference-in-conditions (DIC) drop-down coverage that fills in potential coverage gaps that may exist under restrictive or unresponsive underlying insurance.
  • Offers Chubb’s unique “Director Protector” Endorsement, which allows organizations to tailor coverage to the precise needs of directors by designating limits for specified board committees.


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