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ChubbPro Lawyers Professional Liability

Chubb's new ChubbPro Lawyers Professional LiabilitySM insurance policy is designed to help protect law firms of 10 or more attorneys. We deliver underwriting expertise that is unique in the industry - our underwriters assess each firm on its own merits and develop a program of liability insurance designed to meet the particular needs of each firm.

Because each law firm has a unique culture, our underwriters conduct an underwriting meeting with each prospective insured, either in person or by conference call, allowing us to assess the firm's management and internal controls, tailor coverage to the firm's needs, and provide the firm with practical feedback on important risk management issues. Ongoing loss control services and unparalleled claims service by our attorney-claims specialists complete the package.

Chubb serves the needs of many of the largest and most prestigious law firms worldwide, with coverage features that include:

  • Claims made policy, not claims made and reported.
  • Definition of professional services expanded to include escrow agent, arbitrator or mediator, government affairs advisor or lobbyist, and title agent.
  • Expanded definition of claim.
  • Broad definition of wrongful act.
  • Limits of up to $25 million available.
  • Advancement of defense costs.
  • Right to select own counsel in the event of a claim.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Innocent partner protection.
  • Bilateral (two-way) extended reporting period option.
  • Non-cancelable by the insurer once the premium is paid.

Our underwriters are also able to customize a policy with additional enhancements to suit the individual needs of insured firms.


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