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ForeFront Portfolio 3.0 - Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance

Click here to view the key professional liability findings from the 2013 Chubb Private Company Risk Survey.

Chubb offers special coverage features for small businesses.

Customers expect and demand more, and they are not pleased when their expectations are not met.

Today's burgeoning personal and business service companies operate in a business environment featuring ever-increasing expectations of performance, a general belief that there's always a "deep pocket" with the ability to pay, and a continuing escalation of settlements and court verdicts. Few privately owned service companies are immune to the potentially devastating effects of an expensive legal action from a customer alleging errors or omissions in the performance of promised services.

Chubb has specially crafted ForeFront Portfolio 3.0SM Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance to offer important protection for privately owned companies and their employees who provide professional services.

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