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Executive Protection Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance

The threat to a company of outside directorship liability is every bit as significant as that of direct directors and officers liability.

Companies often encourage their employees to contribute their time and talents to community activities, including service as directors, officers, or other leaders of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. However, although outside board directorships can be a useful extension of corporate activity and represent good corporate citizenship, in today's changing world they can also create complicated liability issues and unintended losses for the company and the individuals who serve.

Just as liability exposures of corporate directors and officers have increased dramatically in recent years, outside directorship liability (ODL) exposures have also increased. Virtually all companies face ODL exposures when their employees participate on the boards of outside organizations, yet the risks associated with outside directorships are not well understood. Few companies have taken the initiative to identify their potential exposure to ODL loss.

As separate coverage, Chubb's Executive Protection Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance provides a separate and distinct limit of liability independent of a company's directors and officers (D&O) liability limit.


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