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ForeFront Security by Chubb

It may not be pleasant to think about, but even with excellent controls, procedures, and security, most community banks can be surprisingly vulnerable – to dishonest employees, fraud artists, computer hackers, and violence-prone individuals.

Of course, any crime committed against a community banking institution can have potentially devastating consequences, destroying its bottom line and even threatening its solvency. Many of these threats are not addressed by a standard financial institution bond, leaving community banks dangerously exposed to losses.

We developed ForeFront Security by Chubb for Banks to respond to the significant financial threats to community banks. It is specifically designed to help protect commercial banks, savings and loans, and savings banks whose primary purpose is to serve their local communities.

ForeFront Security by Chubb for Banks includes coverage for:

  • Financial institution bond exposures
  • Electronic and computer crime
  • Safe depository liability
  • Workplace violence expense
  • Kidnap/ransom and extortion

Credit Union Bond

Today's credit union has a new face. Your business has grown to reflect and meet the fast-changing needs of your members by offering a myriad of financial services; from first mortgages to credit cards to share certificates of deposit. While your ability to offer these services is critical to maintaining your competitive position in the market, it opens the door to increased exposure to plastic card fraud, computer crime, employee dishonesty, forged and altered share drafts, and more. These exposures and many others may put your institution at financial risk.

Chubb developed ForeFront Security by Chubb; Credit Union Bond, a fidelity bond designed specifically to help protect credit unions as they increase member services and grow their business. Chubb understands your business and the threats to it. We have strong reputation for our commitment to the markets in which we do business, and we're consistently one of the leading U.S. fidelity writers. 


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