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Health Care Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance

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Outside board directorships can be a useful extension of corporate activity, represent good corporate citizenship, and help foster good community relations. That’s why health care organizations often encourage individuals to contribute their time and talents in the form of service as directors, officers, trustees, governors, or other equivalent executive positions on the boards of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

However, in today’s litigious world, these outside directorships can also create complicated liability issues and unintended losses for the organization and the individuals who serve it. Just as liability exposures of corporate directors and officers have increased dramatically in recent years, outside directorship liability (ODL) exposures have also increased.

In response, Chubb offers Health Care Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance, coverage that combines an efficient method of facilitating risk identification, effective internal communication, and risk transfer.

When an organization purchases Health Care Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance from Chubb, it buys tailored coverage that is backed by in-depth knowledge of the health care industry, unparalleled risk management services, superior claim handling, and financial strength.

Health Care Portfolio Outside Directorship Liability Insurance is the quality insurance solution for health care organizations.

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