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Health Care Portfolio Crime Insurance

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Like it or not, a health care organization’s assets are exposed to occupational fraud. This can take the form of:

  • Embezzlement.
  • Theft of supplies, drugs, and inventory.
  • Purchasing schemes involving kickbacks.
  • Accounts payable fraud involving ghost vendors.
  • Payroll and check fraud.
  • Theft of cash.

Such frauds involve every possible angle and can last for years, exploiting any potential weakness in the organization’s financial controls. The ultimate impact of fraud can be enormous, and its cost directly impacts an organization’s bottom line. The financial consequences can be serious, even threatening an organization’s survival. Smaller organizations are especially vulnerable to such crimes.

Chubb offers a solution to handling crime losses caused by employees and others through our distinctive Health Care Portfolio Crime Insurance coverage.

When an organization purchases Health Care Portfolio Crime Insurance from Chubb, it buys tailored coverage that is backed by in-depth knowledge of the health care industry, unparalleled risk management services, superior claim handling, and financial strength.

Health Care Portfolio Crime Insurance is the quality insurance solution for health care organizations.

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