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ForeFront Portfolio - Not-for-Profit Orgs Crime Insurance

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From “trusted” employees to cunning criminals, an organization’s assets are exposed to threats of embezzlement, fraudulent electronic funds transfer, forgery, robbery, safe burglary, or credit card forgery. These schemes involve every possible angle, taking advantage of any potential weakness in an organization’s financial controls. From fictitious employees, dummy accounts payable, and non-existent suppliers to outright theft of money, securities, and property, these frauds can go on for years and, when discovered, the ultimate impact can be enormous. Smaller organizations are especially vulnerable to such crimes.

Fraud and embezzlement in the workplace are on the rise, occurring in even the best work environments. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that:

  • Fraud and abuse costs U.S. businesses more than $660 billion annually.
  • Fraud and abuse costs employers an average of $9 a day per employee.
  • The typical organization loses 5% of its total annual revenue to fraud and abuse committed by its own employees.

White-collar crime can have serious financial consequences, even threatening an organization’s survival. Chubb offers a solution to handling crime losses committed by employees and others through our distinctive ForeFront Portfolio for Not-for-Profit Organizations Crime Insurance coverage.

ForeFront Portfolio for Not-for-Profit Organizations Crime Insurance is the surprisingly affordable insurance solution.

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