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Public Company Risk Survey 2012 Results

Findings from the Chubb 2012 Public Company Risk Survey


Which risks are public company executives most concerned about?

What steps are they taking to manage their companies’ management liability risks?

What are their most important criteria for selecting an insurer?

In 2012, Chubb interviewed 145 U.S. executives from publicly traded companies in order to gain a clearer understanding of their exposures and insurance needs.

Findings from the Chubb 2012 Public Company Risk Survey:

  • Offer an instructive, high-level view of public company management liability exposures—and which ones are top of mind for public company decision makers.
  • Allow public company leaders to see what their peers think about management liability risks—and how they manage those risks.

The Chubb 2012 Public Company Risk Survey findings are presented in the reader-friendly executive report, “U.S. Public Companies’ Perceptions of Risk, and Their Risk Mitigation Strategies.”