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Chubb Primary: Directors & Officers and Entity Securities Liability Insurance


Highly publicized accounting fraud and stock scandals are just some of the reasons directors and officers have a heightened interest in understanding what insurance protection their company purchases. Your executives are well aware they may be:

  • Held personally liable for the decisions they make on behalf of the company.
  • Sued for breach of their fiduciary duties.
  • The target of a lawsuit from shareholders, regulatory agencies or employees.

Selecting a policy written in user-friendly language that is easy to understand will help your executives understand how your D&O policy is intended to perform should your company experience a claim.

Your company has specific needs and exposures and quite possibly international risks that you want to be sure your D&O policy addresses. As you contemplate your D&O liability insurance needs, consider these business questions:

  • How will a claim be handled should you experience a securities class-action suit?
  • How will your policy respond to other types of claims?
  • Will your directors’ and officers’ personal assets be covered?
  • How could growing U.S. and foreign regulatory investigations impact you?
  • Is your policy designed to provide proper protection if your company undergoes a merger?

The Chubb Primary is designed to be flexible and take into account your company’s unique needs and exposures, while providing a concise and easy-to-read policy for you and your company’s directors and officers.

With Chubb, you deal with a policy form that will help you know how your D&O liability insurance will perform, all from one globally integrated insurer. You can be sure your master D&O liability policy is paired with locally admitted D&O policies issued overseas. With more than 30 years of experience insuring public companies and their directors and officers, we offer you worldwide leadership, deep public company expertise, unparalleled claim service, and the financial strength of Chubb.


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