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Avoiding and Mitigating Cyber Loss

Chubb’s Cyber Risk Management Program is dedicated to the idea that a company can follow measures designed to reduce the likelihood of a costly data breach or privacy loss and, if one does occur, to minimize the loss.

Chubb’s cyber risk management solutions and services include:

 CyberSecurity by ChubbSM—A flexible insurance solution offering cyber third-party (liability) coverage and optional first-party (crime) expense coverage to address the full breadth of risks associated with doing business in today’s technology-dependent world.

eRisk Hub—A free online resource for designated customers offering information on protecting an organization from network security and privacy threats and minimizing the damage should an incident occur.

Also included is 30 minutes of free consultation with an experienced network security and privacy attorney, an incident roadmap (a checklist of activities to undertake in the event of a breach), a news center and learning center, a directory of cyber risk management and breach recovery services, and more. Learn more.

Cyber Loss Prevention Consultant Services Reimbursement Program —Listing of vendors offering specialized consulting services for data privacy and security, as well as reimbursement of 50% of the cost of the vendor’s services –  up to the lesser of $10,000 or 10% of the customer’s CyberSecurity by Chubb policy premium.

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