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Loss Control Resources

We bring companies the resources that may otherwise be out of reach to them: expertise, programs, materials, publications and best practices across industry segments. With these resources, we have the ability to share the latest information on new areas of risk management and respond to emerging industry-specific or general safety and health issues.

Handbooks & Guides

A Lawyer's Guide to E-Lawyering Risks This guide highlights exposures facing law firms as they integrate the internet into their business services.
A Lawyer's Guide to Records Management Issues This booklet raises important considerations when establishing a file retention and destruction policy for a law firm.
A Media Company's Guide to Records Management This booklet raises important considerations when evaluating document retention practices.  
Director Liability Loss Prevention in Mergers and Acquisitions This booklet helps company directors protect themselves and their corporations against M&A claims and litigation.
Directors & Officers Liability Loss Prevention Guidelines This booklet helps business leaders protect themselves and their corporations against claims and litigation.
Directors & Officers Liability Loss Prevention Guidelines for Privately Held Companies This booklet helps private company business leaders protect themselves and their companies against claims and litigation.
Fiduciary Liability Loss Prevention Guidelines This handbook discusses the general principles governing fiduciary liability, reviews many potential exposures, and suggests step-by-step loss prevention procedures.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Preventing Improper Practices in Foreign Sales

This booklet provides an update on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the implications for U.S. companies that do business overseas.

Guide to Preventing Social Engineering Fraud This booklet explains the fundamentals of social engineering fraud and offers countermeasures companies should take  to combat it.
Guide to Preventing Workplace Fraud This handbook is designed to assist companies in understanding the impact of workplace fraud, and the potential associated with fraud.  Establishing effective loss control measures are critical for companies from cost, cultural, and risk management perspectives.
Independent Directors Loss Prevention Guidelines This handbook provides guidance on good corporate governance and best practices regarding independent directors.
Managing Terrorism Risks: A Practical Guide This guide helps corporations develop a risk management plan to address kidnap & extortion risks.
Managing Travel Risks Guide This guide provides tips on international business travel.
Preventing Slip-and-Fall Accidents Slip-and-fall accidents are a primary source of risk for community banks. Chubb's easy-to-read booklet details steps banks can take to reduce their liability and other losses from slips and falls.  The booklet presents useful information about reducing slip-and-fall risks, and it also offers a sample walking hazard checklist of more than 55 items regarding flooring and stairs, cleaning chemicals and floor finishes, matting, footwear, parking lots and sidewalks, housekeeping procedures, employee training, and more.


Fact Sheets

Before Winter Comes This sheet provides loss prevention tips for businesses to minimize damage from a winter storm. Activities are outlined from autumn through spring.
Hot Work This sheet assists businesses manage hot work operations. The sheet details the roles and responsibilities of a hot work permit program and provides best practices for handling compressed gas cylinders and managing contractors.
Hurricane Preparedness This sheet explains hurricane categories, watches and warnings. It provides steps to take before hurricane season, when a hurricane watch is issued, when a hurricane warning is issued and after a storm.
Mitigating Transit Theft This sheet provides a number of steps to help companies reduce exposure to theft of property in transit.
Tips for Resuming Business This sheet provides practical steps that can minimize the impact of disaster. It outlines activities for emergency planning, communication, resuming operations following a disaster and the human element.