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My Business Income Consultation from Chubb

Is the prospect of doing another Business Income Evaluation giving you a headache?
If so, then it's time you checked out My Business Income Consultation from Chubb. This online evaluator is quick, easy and accurate and can help you avoid costly coverage mistakes without the usual time-consuming aggravation.

Simplifying the Business Income/Extra Expense Process
Chubb’s experience in paying Business Income/Extra Expense claims has shown us that far too many business professionals underestimate the amount of Business Income/Extra Expense insurance they need.

Some feel a loss could never happen to them, while others underestimate the time it takes to fully recover. Often, business professionals become frustrated trying to calculate their own Business Income/Extra Expense insurance needs.

Chubb’s new web-based Business Income/Extra Expense Analysis tool, “My Business Income Consultation from Chubb” was developed to make it easier for you to determine a Business Income/Extra Expense limit of insurance.

Housed on, My Business Income Consultation:

  • provides you with a consistent methodology for computing BI/EE limits
  • coaches you through the thinking behind the numbers
  • integrates advanced help tools to answer your questions along the way
  • leads you through a quick and easy four-step process

The end result will be a Business Income/Extra Expense insurance limit that reflects the needs of your business.  

When you are ready to begin using the tool, open your browser to full page view, turn the sound level to a comfortable audio level, and see how easy business income and extra expense valuations can be.



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