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Crafting excellent wine takes time, care, and above all else—creativity.

For family-owned wineries and multinational wine producers alike, winemaking is an artisan’s venture. Chubb has mirrored this creativity for a quarter of a century in the way we insure wineries. Our Customarq for Wineries package policy is custom crafted to respond to the specific needs of wineries from vineyard to shelf. You can “scale” our policy with creative features and options to meet the distinct needs of your winery:

  • Unique valuation of wine—Wine in process with Chubb begins with harvest grapes and ends with completed wines. Chubb responds to your specific winery needs from bulk to vintage. If in your judgment as a wine professional you can replace your wine with wine that is substantially the same, we will pay to replace it. But if you cannot replace it we will value it at selling price. Wine that is completed is also based on selling price.
  • Alteration of wine—If there is an error when mixing your wine with other liquids (including other wine), our Alteration of Wine Blending Perils Premises Coverage is there to help protect you.
  • Global protection—If you sell your wine outside the United States, you can seamlessly expand your property and liability insurance with Chubb’s Customarq Global Extension.

Features as unique as your vintage

Customarq for Wineries addresses the most common exposures of your business in a way that is anything but common:

  • Whether it’s the result of an overfilled tank, pipe rupture, collapsed barrel or other mechanical or human error, our Leakage of Winery Products Premises Coverage responds to loss or damage to your stock-in-process.
  • Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals used in your vineyards can drift onto surrounding properties. Our General Liability Contract will respond to your liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties that results from Wind Drift or Overspray.
  • Special Events, such as weddings held at your winery, are cause for celebration. Our General Liability Contract is designed to respond to your liability as the host for these types of events.
  • If your wine suffers an insured loss, our Control of Damaged Product or Labeled Goods Loss Payment provision lets you determine whether to salvage or destroy damaged product, so you can preserve the reputation of your winery.
  • Our Trellis and Grape Vine Additional Coverage includes the perils of wind, fire, vandalism, and vehicle and aircraft damage.
  • Our Packaging Errors Premises Coverage addresses repackaging costs due to a labeling, bottling or packaging error and is included as an additional limit.
  • Our Business Income with Extra Expense Contract includes an unlimited period of indemnity; your business income protection extends for as long as it takes to restore your business to the level you had before the loss.

Many of the features described above are provided with automatic limits of insurance, which can be increased subject to underwriting and an additional premium charge.

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Customarq for Wineries

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