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The package policy is the heart of a commercial insurance program. Chubb is the fourth largest writer of package policies in the United States, as ranked by A.M. Best. The modular format of Chubb’s hallmark product, Customarq Classic, allows customers, producers and underwriters to work together to design a package insurance program that meets individual company needs. That is why companies of all sizes – from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 1000 corporations – count on Chubb to meet their package insurance needs.

Customarq Classic 

With its modular format and breadth of protection, Customarq Classic is the package policy that others try to imitate. We offer a broad all-risk property policy with a flexible approach to valuation and quality liability protection to help protect domestic and global operations.

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Specialized Solutions 

Specialized industries require innovative insurance solutions. Chubb has tailored its Customarq package policy to address the unique insurance needs of the broadcasting, energy, information and network technology, legal, life science, metalworking, museum and winery industries.

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