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Injuries and deaths among United States workers cost billions of dollars and millions of lost work days a year, cutting into every dollar of pre-tax profit. Chubb Workers Compensation insurance and related services can help manage worker injuries and stay on top of the factors that drive up costs. Chubb is among the top 15 workers compensation underwriters in the United States and a preferred carrier for companies that value a coordinated approach to insurance.

Chubb excels in service and knowledge with dedicated underwriting, claim, managed care, premium audit, loss prevention and fraud specialists. Our claim service is based on the premise that early attention to an employee’s injury, management of appropriate care and recuperation, and a plan for returning to work help to reduce expenses significantly. Our loss control specialists help companies identify the causes of workplace injuries and illnesses, then reduce or eliminate the factors in the workplace that lead to claims. They can also help manage the indirect costs associated with workplace accidents and disruption.

Claim Management 

Chubb’s hallmark claims service has achieved a reputation for handling claims promptly, fairly and empathetically. Chubb claims management is available 24 hours a day to take worker calls and help with claim notification.

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Loss Control Services 

Chubb’s loss control services help companies reduce or eliminate factors in the workplace that contribute to workers compensation illnesses or injuries.

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State Information: California Provider Network 

The Division of Workers Compensation in California is amending its regulations regarding Medical Provider Networks (MPN) and employee information effective October 8, 2010. As part of the amendment, employers and insurers are required to revise employee notices and workers compensation posters.

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State Information: Texas Regulations 

Learn about regulations affecting Workers Compensation in the state of Texas.

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