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Chubb's loss control professionals help companies reduce or eliminate factors in the workplace that can contribute to worker illnesses or injuries, by first identifying the causes of these injuries and illnesses. In addition to the obvious savings of workers compensation expenses, Loss Control services also help manage the indirect costs associated with workplace accidents and their disruption. Among the available services are:

  • Indirect Cost Estimator (ICE) — This unique software program helps you identify and quantify both direct and indirect costs associated with workers compensation claims. ICE lets you get beneath the surface of work-related accidents to better understand their total costs and impact on the business.
  • Management seminars — Designed for managers and supervisors, these seminars teach fundamental skills such as accident investigation, self-inspections, motivation and employee behavior.
  • Employee safety awareness programs — These programs are designed to help management establish programs to guide employees in preventing accidents through safe lifting, injury prevention and vision or hearing protection.
  • Safety and health program assessment — By evaluating existing programs, we can help set standards for program implementation and allocation of appropriate resources.
  • Slip and fall programs — Chubb has a comprehensive slip and fall loss prevention process that includes an analysis of losses, review of exposures, testing of floor characteristics and the evaluation of current management practices and procedures.

Loss Control Services in Action

When a metal fabrication shop noticed an increase in the number of eye injuries, the Chubb Loss Control representative was able to help determine the cause and source of the injuries. The shop owner responded to the recommendations, which reduced eye and other injuries significantly.

A law firm was moving their offices to a new building. It was having problems with slips-and-falls as well as repetitive motion injuries in the existing office. Chubb loss control helped identify contributing factors to these problems, which were corrected in the new office design.

Count on Loss Control Services

We understand the hazards that could cripple a business. Chubb's Loss Control services are designed to improve safety and prevent or mitigate losses. We first analyze the loss history and understand the business issues, then develop solutions geared toward removing the loss causes so history does not repeat itself. We work closely with many levels of an organization to craft asset management and loss prevention solutions that help businesses have greater control over downtime and more influence on their bottom line.

Our global network of loss control professionals reside in 28 countries. In fact, 25% of our staff is located outside of the United States. Wherever they are, our loss control professionals understand the local business environment and regulations, making global account coordination seamless and ensuring consistency and quality at any location.

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