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Our Loss Control services team works with many businesses, such as power tool manufacturers, hardware distributors, forklift manufacturers, wholesalers and industrial machinery manufacturers to reduce products liability loss potential. We have an experienced staff worldwide with professional credentials including American Society of Quality certification.

Chubb’s risk management services are designed to promote product safety and minimize a company’s potential for products liability claims. We work with risk managers to review and evaluate the functional aspects of their organizations to minimize likelihood and impact of products liability losses. These services include:

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) analysis for medical device manufacturers, as well as food and food packaging systems
  • Products liability laws and loss prevention
  • Human factors engineering and design
  • Pressure vessel design, engineering and failure modes

Among other topics, we offer client/broker seminars on:

  • Products liability laws worldwide
  • Products liability exposure identification, risk assessment and management
  • Best practices identification and discussion
  • Product user guides and instruction manuals
  • Product safety policy and program development
  • Product design and review
  • Product warnings and labels
  • Quality control systems
  • Handling product complaints

Count on Loss Control Services

We understand the hazards that could cripple a business. Chubb's Loss Control services are designed to improve safety and prevent or mitigate losses. We first analyze the loss history and understand the business issues, then develop solutions geared toward removing the loss causes so history does not repeat itself. We work closely with many levels of an organization to craft asset management and loss prevention solutions that help businesses have greater control over downtime and more influence on their bottom line.

Our global network of loss control professionals reside in 28 countries. In fact, 25% of our staff is located outside of the United States. Wherever they are, our loss control professionals understand the local business environment and regulations, making global account coordination seamless and ensuring consistency and quality at any location.

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