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Equipment Breakdown (Machinery & Boiler Services)

Chubb’s Loss Control provides risk consulting services for a variety of businesses, ranging from real estate and manufacturing to hospitals and universities. In addition to conducting mandated state and jurisdictional inspections, our risk consultants use the latest in technology to identify and prevent losses to valuable machinery and equipment. We also offer oil and vibration analysis and other nondestructive tests where needed.

Mandated State and Jurisdictional Inspections
Chubb’s risk consultants are licensed by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, as well as in individual states and jurisdictions, to conduct mandated inspections. These consultants have an average 15 years of machinery assessment experience. They work with companies to analyze exposure to physical damage and business interruption, and recommend actions to prevent loss and mitigate its impact if a loss does occur. With their knowledge of repair and replacement firms, they can also expedite restoration to normal operations.

Infrared Thermography
Chubb uses infrared thermography to measure temperature in electrical and mechanical equipment, such as ovens, furnaces, boilers, pressure vessels, bearings on motors − essentially anything that generates heat. Measurements above normal result in further investigation to identify the source. This technology plays a critical role in loss prevention. In 2004, we conducted 669 infrared surveys that minimized downtime and saved more than $26 million in losses by identifying potential problems and preventing damage from occurring.

Airborne Ultrasonic Technology
Through airborne ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, Chubb’s Loss Control can evaluate any unusual noise emitting from electrical machinery, or machinery under pressure. This equipment can actually “hear” a leak in piping under pressure, identify lack of lubrication in a bearing close to failure, and detect arcing in electrical equipment. Airborne ultrasonic technology is another diagnostic tool Chubb uses onsite to identify loss-producing conditions, so action can be taken before a loss occurs.

Loss Control Services in Action

In a refrigerated food storage warehouse in Southern California, employees were unaware that a critically located disconnect switch had overheated. Using infrared technology, the Chubb risk consultant identified the faulty mechanism, which was then repaired. Gone undetected, the faulty mechanism would have resulted in a power loss and up to $5 million of food products would have spoiled.

At a steel mill in Pennsylvania, the refractory lining of a large furnace developed a crack. Without detection and repair, the molten steel would have burned through the walls of the vessel. Production would have shut down, workers could have been injured and the mill itself might have been severely damaged. Using infrared technology, the Chubb risk consultant discovered the crack before it caused any damage.

Count on Loss Control Services

We understand the hazards that could cripple a business. Chubb's Loss Control services are designed to improve safety and prevent or mitigate losses. We first analyze the loss history and understand the business issues, then develop solutions geared toward removing the loss causes so history does not repeat itself. We work closely with many levels of an organization to craft asset management and loss prevention solutions that help businesses have greater control over downtime and more influence on their bottom line.

Our global network of loss control professionals reside in 28 countries. In fact, 25% of our staff is located outside of the United States. Wherever they are, our loss control professionals understand the local business environment and regulations, making global account coordination seamless and ensuring consistency and quality at any location.

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