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Inland Marine

Damaged: A spark ignites at a construction site, damaging an unfinished building.
Contaminated: A data center HVAC system malfunctions, contaminating hundreds of servers with metallic dust.
Damaged: An unexpected hail storm damages heavy equipment stored on a machinery dealer’s lot.
Stolen: A truck loaded with designer handbags for an upscale department store is stolen.

How do you stay ahead of your business’s constant risks and daily changes? Our forward-thinking solutions, tailored to your specific and complex needs, move with you as your risks change.

Since our founding in 1882, we’ve established a global reputation for creative insurance solutions—based on financial stability and a commitment to service—that continues today. Over 120 years of experience, expansion and innovation has made us an insurer that truly understands even complicated inland marine risks. Our global presence allows us to address your needs around the world.


Contractors come to us for our innovative builders' risk, contractors' equipment and installation floater protection. Our policies provide a variety of creative options and tailored features to help keep your project moving forward.

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Leased Property & Installment Sales 

We're well-versed in the global regulatory issues that impact insurance coverage. We'll custom design a solution to meet your industry-specific needs and to help you advance your operations.

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Special Property 

For your high value art, mobile imaging equipment and other special property, you need customized insurance. We include many unique features to protect you against the specific exposures you face.

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We offer you a variety of property in transit, trip transit and transportation legal liability solutions to closely match insurance coverage with your exposures.

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