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Exclusively for Chubb agents and brokers

u•writer: Motor Truck Cargo provides select agents with the ability to quickly submit, rate, quote, bind, issue and service business online for Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability for small fleet motor truck carriers. This policy is designed for the liability of a motor carrier for loss or damage to goods in transit under bills of lading issued by them, in their care, custody or control.

Using the technology of our @chubb secure Internet platform enables us to effectively underwrite and process these policies. Completing a submission takes only 5 minutes. Some of Chubb’s u•writer: Motor Truck Cargo many features include:

  • Prequalify risks and generate quotations with deductible options.
  • Access saved quotes for new and existing risks.
  • Bind insurance, once quoted, subject to system approval.
  • Arrange for endorsements or cancellations of existing policies.
  • Print or email quote letters, binders, and client invoices.
  • Access specimen contracts and marketing materials.
  • Receive producer policies within 72 hours of binding (or overnight via Chubb Commercial PaperFree).

Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Solutions


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