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Special Property

Electronic equipment? Fine arts? Whatever your special property may be, it requires unique insurance protection. Move forward with the peace of mind you gain from one of the highest-ranking insurance carriers for service quality. 

Agricultural Equipment
Farmers of all types with farms of all sizes come to us for our innovative agricultural equipment protection. This includes machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts used in your agricultural business.

Agricultural Equipment Insurance

Electronic Data Processing Equipment
Our experience, knowledge and willingness to advance with the times makes a big difference.

Electronic Data Processing Equipment Insurance

Worries shrink. Security grows when you choose our exhibition insurance.

  • Worldwide loss control and claims service
  • Full protection regardless of atmospheric conditions and temperature changes
  • Full protection against breakage, inherent vice, or disappearance

Fine Arts
We know fine arts. We have close ties with the Art Loss Register, the Appraisers Association of America, the Art Dealers Association of America, and the International Foundation for Art Research.

Fine Arts Insurance

Miscellaneous Articles

Our breadth of coverage and creative solutions include most miscellaneous high value items.

Miscellaneous Articles Insurance

Musical Instruments

Whether you need protection for a full symphony orchestra or an individual we can help.

  • High value or rare instruments (includes related equipment and accessories)
  • Full protection against breakage, inherent vice, or disappearance

Scientific Equipment
Research labs, hospitals and others with highly valuable scientific instruments find our insurance protection thorough and unique.

Scientific Equipment Insurance


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