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Property in Transit
This coverage protects all your shipments commencing during the policy year, whether by motor carrier or your own vehicle. If you need a separate property in transit policy you can choose from our specialized products:

Trip Transit
Trip transit insurance protects a single shipment from the point of origin to the destination.

Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability
Motor carriers with fleets of vehicles come to us for our innovative motor truck cargo solutions. We provide a variety of creative options and tailored features to help keep your business moving forward.

Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Solutions

Household Goods Movers
Many moving companies depend on our experience in writing thorough and flexible household goods movers’ insurance. Our policies provide a variety of creative options.

  • Includes insurance for intrastate liability, interstate liability, and shipper’s interest (transit/depository insurance)
  • Coverage also for moving and storage equipment

Warehouse Legal Liability

Protecting the legal liability of goods of others in our insured’s care, custody or control, while subject to a warehouse receipt.

Riggers Legal Liability
Our experience has taught us how to advance insurance protection for riggers.  

  • Sometimes called “on hook” insurance
  • For third-party liability for loss or damage to property while being hoisted by a rigger

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