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The opportunities of global business may be obvious, the risks less so. When employees travel overseas, businesses could face workers compensation claims their domestic policy does not fully insure. There is the chance of loss or theft of property, auto accidents or disasters at overseas facilities. Chubb offers an innovative portfolio of multinational insurance products that respond to these and other risks.

The Chubb 2014 Multinational Survey reveals what global risks threaten companies today. 
View the results, paired with risk tips, to learn how to mitigate your company's global exposures.

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Whether you are with a global company or an emerging multinational, safeguarding the bottom line means anticipating potentially costly exposures. Chubb Multinational Solutions offers a full suite of insurance products designed to help protect companies doing business overseas.

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Chubb Multinational Solutions offers important services both for customers and for agents and brokers.

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When it comes to managing complex multinational risks, Chubb will connect you to multinational insurance resources—from preventing a loss to handling a claim—virtually anywhere you do business.

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