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Reputation Injury & Communications Liability

Companies that want to succeed in today's brand- and image-intensive market must learn how to manage intellectual property assets. This has become imperative for small to mid-sized technology firms, considering the financial burden of intellectual property lawsuits. The cost to litigate one of these lawsuits often exceeds $1 million.

Multimillion-dollar court awards provide clear warning that an intellectual property lawsuit can decimate a company’s bottom line. As a consequence, it is no surprise that shrewd ownership of intellectual property, and proper respect for the intellectual property of others, have emerged as critical issues in today's fast-paced business environment.

Help is on the way. Chubb's Reputation Injury & Communications Liability (RICL) product is a third-party liability insurance policy that supplements traditional commercial general liability insurance. RICL protects companies against the costs associated with lawsuits that allege the following:

  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Product disparagement
  • Violation of the rights of privacy and publicity (such as the commercial misappropriation of a famous person's name or likeness), whether or not in advertisements

RICL is part of Chubb's suite of integrated liability products, including our hallmark Customarq  General Liability and our Errors & Omissions and Umbrella liability contracts. In tandem with a well-managed intellectual property risk management and licensing program, RICL can help mitigate the financial risks associated with intellectual property and communications initiatives.

Why would a company need Chubb's Reputation Injury & Communications Liability insurance? Consider the following scenarios:

With every new product sold, a manufacturer of Internet routers includes a CD that explains assembly details and how to use the product. In an effort to keep the attention of the user during the setup process, the manufacturer embeds music clips in the instructional CD. Learning of the unauthorized use of this music, the copyright owner sues for unrealized profits.

A company exercised diligent measure to identify trademarks similar to its new logo. However, the owner of a long-established but unregistered trademark successfully sues under common law claiming infringement upon his logo.

A developer of consumer software applications sells financial and personal information about customers collected from its Internet site. Those customers bring a class action suit seeking damages and injunctive relief to prevent any further disclosure of this information.

A systems integration firm issues a press release accusing a competitor of plagiarizing its copyrighted training manual. The competitor counterclaims alleging libel by the firm.

Service and Strength

At Chubb, we deliver more than solid insurance products. We support our customers through our renowned services, extensive global network and financial strength.

Chubb's reputation for outstanding service is built on a consistent track record of performance by its global network of loss control and claim professionals. Our loss control professionals are experienced in making risk assessments and proposing practical remediation to help mitigate or prevent losses. Should a loss occur, our exceptional claim service is available anytime/anywhere in more than 140 languages through a toll-free number or via the Internet.

Our financial strength continues to earn high ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, leading evaluators of insurance companies. Financial strength, combined with our underwriting expertise and claim service, means you can count on Chubb to be there when you need us most.

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