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Customarq Property & Business Income

Today's broad range of exposures requires a flexible insurance solution. Chubb’s Customarq Classic property policy sets the industry standard with its modular format and range of options. Chubb writes accounts from small to large, including the more complex risks. We have the expertise to write large deductible, quote share and layered programs.

Chubb insures a broad array of commercial property risks with low to medium hazard occupancy and strong risk management programs. Here are a few examples:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Light Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Municipalities
  • Museums and Cultural Institutions
Product Highlights
Automatic Blanket Limit

The Customarq Classic property policy offers a $500,000 automatic blanket limit of insurance for selected property exposures, allowing insurance dollars to be used where they are needed most following a loss. Subject to underwriting, the blanket limit can be increased to $1 million or $2 million. Smaller businesses that do not need these higher limits can opt for a $250,000 blanket limit. Twelve property coverages are included:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • EDP Property
  • Fine Arts
  • Leasehold Interest – Bonus Payment, Prepaid Rents, Sublease Profit, Tenants’ Lease Interest
  • Leasehold Interest – Undamaged Tenant’s Improvements and Betterments
  • Nonowned Detached Trailers
  • Outdoor Trees, Shrubs, Plants or Lawns
  • Pair and Set
  • Personal Property of Employees
  • Public Safety Service Charges
  • Research and Development Property
  • Valuable Papers

Broad “All-Risk” Perils

The Customarq Classic property policy includes broad “all-risk” property and income perils. Some highlights are:

  • Change in temperature or humidity
  • Electric arcing, mechanical breakdown and steam boiler explosion
  • Water damage, including surface water, seepage through basement, backup of sewers or drains and pipe burst

Automatic Limits

Automatic limits are offered for many property exposures, and additional limits may be purchased. Some of these coverages include:

  • Any Other Location
  • Debris Removal
  • Exhibition, Fair or Trade Show
  • In Transit
  • Loss Prevention Expenses
  • Newly Acquired Premises


Not all insurance carriers approach property valuation in the same way.  With Customarq Classic, valuation includes:

  • Cost of replacement at the same or another site
  • Ordinance or law (up to building, personal property and business income limits)
  • Selling price on finished stock

Business Income

Business income insurance automatically includes an unlimited period of indemnity, so protection extends for as long as it takes to restore the business to the level that would have existed had no loss occurred. Additional features include:

  • Any Other Location
  • Exhibition, Fair or Trade Show
  • Extra Expense
  • Ingress and Egress
  • Loss of Utilities (including the Internet)
  • New Product Delay
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Worldwide Dependent Business Premises

An online Business Income/Extra Expense calculator is available to help clients estimate the appropriate limits of BI/EE insurance.  

Impairment of Computer Services

Impairment of Computer Services and Malicious Programming addresses the emerging first-party exposures presented by the Internet and companies' increasing reliance on electronic information in business activities.

Global Approach

With Customarq Classic's global extension a company's overseas operations receive the same quality protection provided for domestic property. Chubb can also write primary insurance in most countries either through our own Chubb companies or correspondents overseas. When the Customarq global extension is purchased, we will pay for losses in foreign jurisdictions in the currency requested.

When does a company need Chubb’s Customarq property policy? Consider the following scenarios:

The refrigeration system in a pharmaceutical company's research department experiences electrical failure due to a power surge. Specimen samples that took weeks to develop are completely ruined. The $100,000 loss is paid under Customarq's broad all-risk property/income perils insurance.

A wholesaler's key supplier has a fire at its facility. As a result, the supplier is unable to ship needed products and the wholesaler loses key customers. Customarq's dependent business premises insurance helps protect the wholesaler from the resulting business income loss and extra expense it incurs.

Service and Strength

At Chubb, we deliver more than solid insurance products. We support our customers through our renowned services, extensive global network and financial strength.

Chubb's reputation for outstanding service is built on a consistent track record of performance by its global network of loss control and claim professionals. Our loss control and risk consulting professionals are experienced in making risk assessments and proposing practical remediation to help mitigate or prevent losses. They are knowledgeable in fire prevention and disaster recovery planning. Should a loss occur, our exceptional claim service is available anytime/anywhere in more than 140 languages through a toll-free number or via the Internet.

Our financial strength continues to earn high ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, leading evaluators of insurance companies. Financial strength, combined with our underwriting expertise and claim service, means you can count on Chubb to be there when you need us most.

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