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General Liability

In today's uncertain world, technology and case law are constantly changing the liability landscape. At Chubb, we are known for our commitment to continually update our products to keep pace with the challenges our customers face. Chubb’s general liability insurance products afford primary protection for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury.

Customarq General Liability 

General liability insurance is an essential element of any comprehensive insurance program. Chubb's Customarq policy is designed to protect a company’s needs, from a local entrepreneur to a Fortune 500 corporation.

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Businesses are constantly changing and the marketplace unpredictable. Liability losses can occur at any point in a company’s lifecycle. Continuum from Chubb provides protection that reaches into the past while anticipating the future.

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Reputation Injury & Communications 

Today, successful companies must not only protect their own intellectual property, but must also manage the risk of infringing upon others' intellectual property assets. Most companies cannot afford the financial burden of an intellectual property lawsuit.

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