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Excess & Umbrella Liability

You work hard to protect your company’s future but multimillion-dollar lawsuits are not uncommon and potentially devastating. Are you confident your excess and umbrella liability insurance program protects your bottom line?

Consider these examples of large losses a business may face:

  Scenario: An employee was driving a company truck and attempted to pass a vehicle. During the attempted pass, the truck collided with another vehicle.
Result: Loss of $20,625,000 for brain damage suffered by the injured party.
  Scenario: A company distributes janitorial supplies that caused a massive fire at the warehouse where the insured’s and other companies’ goods were stored. A jury found the insured 100% liable for property damage of others.
Result: The loss was valued at $10,300,000 against the distributor.

It is easy to see how your company can be devastated by a single loss. Take your primary insurance protection a step further with Chubb's Umbrella and Excess Liability insurance products designed to help safeguard your company against catastrophic loss locally and worldwide.

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 When there's a crisis, you want expert advice on how to respond.

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Umbrella Liability 

Risk taking is part of your daily routine. Where primary policies end, Chubb’s Umbrella Liability insurance begins, providing flexible protection with two separate insuring agreements.

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Excess Liability 

No business is immune to catastrophic loss. When you need significant excess liability limits, Chubb can help you construct a liability program with fewer carriers and reduce concern about coverage differences.

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