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Technology drives innovation. Smart insurance protects your future.

Regardless of size or specialty, you’re an innovator who takes calculated risks to get ahead. At Chubb, for more than 30 years, we have been insuring against the risks impacting technology companies.


Our comprehensive technology insurance solutions span property, general liability, automobile, workers compensation, and professional and management liability risks. Whether your business is a small startup or a large multinational, a private, venture-backed company or a public corporation, we can help you safeguard your company’s future prospects and its bottom line.  


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That new phone sitting on your desk may look innocent enough, but the fact that it's connected to a network leaves your company vulnerable to hackers unless you take active steps to lock it down. 

Hackers Dialing Up Phone System Fraud


We provide a broad array of innovative global solutions for the full spectrum of technology businesses.

Communications or Network Service Providers 

Staying connected is more critical than ever both for businesses and consumers. Your risks are complex and significant. Are you prepared?

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Electronics or Hardware Manufacturing  

Demand for your products is high. So is the pressure to produce them faster, better and cheaper. How can you protect your company against the risks you face in this high-stakes environment?

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Software & System Developers 

Whether your firm develops software or hosts enterprise applications, you power everyday life and business. The more critical your offering, the greater your risk.

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Technology Services and Consulting 

Whether you provide technology support, integration, remote data storage, or online transaction processing, other businesses depend on you. What happens when your services don't meet expectations?

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