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Technology companies operate in a business environment characterized by interconnectedness, rapid technological change, increasing regulation, intense competition and demanding customers―which, taken together, represent an ever-widening array of potentially costly risks.

Could your technology company experience situations like these?

  • You sign a global technology services contract that requires the customized integration of your software in 15 countries within a one-year time frame. It takes more than two years for you to fulfill the entire contract, and you are sued for breach of contract due to the delay.
  • Your software fails to prevent unauthorized access to a hospital’s patient records due to a security feature defect. As a result, your hospital customer is the subject of a HIPAA enforcement action and seeks to recover from you all fines, penalties and costs associated with the security breach.
  • You outsource a portion of your software development. A fire at a key supplier’s premises destroys computers and source materials, resulting in significant delay in delivery of a customized software solution for a key customer.

Chubb has a long history of developing solutions to address the unique characteristics and exposures technology companies face. Through an extensive global network of dedicated underwriters, loss control engineers and claim resources, we are able to help you manage these critical risks as your business grows. We focus on:

Computer Software Developers 

Your pre-packaged or customized software solutions are integrated to everyday business operations. Facilitating commerce is not without risk.

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Technology Service Providers 

Organizations rely on you for a variety of business functions, from facilitating online financial transactions to infrastructure support to remote data storage all of which involve challenges.

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Hardware Manufacturers 

You are constantly pressed to provide greater productivity at lower cost. The demands of doing more with less, just-in-time inventory management and build-to-order practices all within a global supply chain, create numerous risks.

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Network Service Providers 

With streaming media, cloud services and other wired and wireless services, the networking industry has expanded and so has its risk complexity.

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