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  • Your business offers software on Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Your software enables customers to store protected health information (PHI). A hacker gains access to this information, and makes it public.
  • You sign a global technology services contract that requires the customized integration of your software in 15 different countries, all within a one-year time frame. It takes over 2 years for you to fulfill the entire contract, and you are sued for breach of contract due solely to the delay.   
  • A portion of your software development is globally outsourced. A fire at a key supplier’s premises destroys computers and source materials, resulting in significant delay in delivery of a customized solution for a key customer.
  • Your software fails to maintain temperature levels inside the refrigeration units of a cold storage warehouse.

Whether creating pre-packaged off the shelf or highly customized software applications, you face an array of challenges, from coordinating outsourced operations to fulfilling your contractual obligations to assisting customers meet their regulatory requirements. Experienced senior managers have to make tough decisions everyday regarding resource allocations, new product development and the global competitive landscape.


Why Chubb?

  • If you are held legally responsible for damages caused by the publication, disclosure or use of personal and business confidential information of others, Chubb’s Integrity + Technology Related Injury and Privacy Remediation Expense insurance will respond. Together they respond to damage allegations of invasion of privacy or costs to comply with security breach notification laws.
  • If a customer suffers a financial injury due to a defect or deficiency in your product, or if they claim you failed to perform services in accordance with an agreement, Chubb’s Integrity+ Errors and Omissions insurance will respond.
  • If a customer suffers property damage or bodily injury stemming from software that fails to perform or if a customer’s premise is damaged by you during the installation or maintenance of software, you can look to Chubb's Customarq General Liability insurance to respond.
  • Customarq Global Extension expands your domestic property and liability insurance worldwide. You benefit from a coordinated approach and dependable quality from Chubb’s multinational infrastructure.



Think CONNECTED. Think Chubb.


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