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  • Because of a fire at your server manufacturing facility, your R&D is delayed six months
  • Your subcontractor manufactures and ships on your behalf, a defective product spurring claims for financial injury
  • Your defective ion implanter catches fire and forces a complete shut–down in chip production at a wafer fab
  • Your global comparative advertising campaign fails to recognize the differences in laws and regulations pertaining to product disparagement and trade libel in different countries. Suddenly you’re embroiled in a number of complicated statutory and civil cases on how you represented the capabilities of your competitor’s product. 

As a hardware manufacturer, you are constantly pressed to provide greater productivity at lower cost. The demands of doing more with less, combined with just-in-time inventory management and build- to-order practices, create numerous risks. Often, your distribution system is an interconnected network of suppliers, third-party contract manufacturers, intermediaries and retailers, many of which are scattered around the world. 

Why Chubb?

  • Chubb recognizes that R&D operations do not generate a profit.  That’s why our business income policy, unlike standard industry forms, doesn’t reduce your business income claim for net losses you incur during the period of restoration.  The advantage?  Your ability to claim for all continuing normal operating expenses for R&D operations, with no deduction for net losses.
  • Customarq Global Extension expands your domestic property and liability insurance worldwide including: difference in conditions insurance for local contracts and admitted underlying insurance policies in foreign countries. You benefit from a coordinated approach and dependable quality from Chubb’s multinational infrastructure.
  • If a customer suffers a financial injury due to a defect or deficiency in your product, or if they claim you or your subcontractor failed to perform services in accordance with an agreement, Chubb’s Integrity+ Errors and Omissions insurance will respond.
  • Given the global economy, you may be managing your intellectual property rights to protect your products from piracy. This process increases the likelihood of counterclaims involving infringement of copyright or trademark rights, false arrest, libel, product disparagement and slander. Recognizing the importance of brand protection, Chubb’s Integrity+ Technology Related Injury insurance responds to such counterclaims.


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