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Software Developers, Technology and Network Service Providers, and Hardware Manufacturers face a business environment best characterized by its interconnectedness with the world, rapid technological change, ever-increasing regulation, intense competition and demanding customers. Consequently, you face an ever-widening array of potentially costly risks.

  • Your software application fails and creates havoc with your customer’s systems
  • The security feature in your software fails to prevent unauthorized access due to a defect
  • Your subcontractor manufactures and ships on your behalf, a defective product spurring claims for financial injury
  • Your private cloud services are interrupted when an important piece of hardware fails, temporally suspending your customers business operations
  • Your largest customers are sued for copyright infringement of source code embedded in a mission critical software application you have licensed them to use 
  • You become embroiled in a foreign trademark dispute
  • A contracted programmer distorts personal customer records

Product Highlights

Integrity+ offers important financial protection through a single, blended insurance policy that addresses potentially costly economic injuries:

Product or Service Financial Injury (Errors & Omissions)

  • Financial injury arising from defects, deficiencies or failure to perform pursuant to a performance contract

Technology -Related Injury (Intellectual Property, Privacy and Media)

  • Infringement of intellectual property
  • Violation of a person’s right of privacy and publicity
  • False arrest, false detention, or malicious prosecution
  • Libel, slander and product disparagement
  • No internet or media-type business exclusions

Privacy Remediation Expense

  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred to comply with the myriad state, federal and foreign laws notifying customers of a privacy data breach

Product Features
Broad policy features also help eliminate potential insurance gaps:

  • Definitions of “your product” and “your service” include any of the insured’s products and services
  • Data security related to the insured’s products or services and whether the suit is brought by a customer, government entity or by individuals
  • Protection is offered for traditional media liability exposures and those also related to the insured’s products or services, such as infringement of copyright ( including computer code) trade dress, and mask works
  • Our policy responds to the economic injury suffered by another person or organization for the use of the insured’s infringing products or service(consequential injury)
  • First party privacy breach remediation expense includes notification, credit monitoring, advertising, and public relations expenses
  • Worldwide territory


For almost 50 years, Chubb was one of the first insurers to recognize technology companies as a distinct industry with unique characteristics and exposures. With a group dedicated to this specialty that connects enterprise – wide products with support by dedicated claim and loss control services, Chubb has the expertise to help you manage risk.


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