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Equipment Breakdown

An insurance carrier that knows equipment breakdown can help keep your business in rhythm.

An ammonia line breaks at a cold storage facility where expensive food products or other perishable items are stored…A power surge from a local utility causes arcing in the main electrical panel of a high school... Field mice gnaw through a cabinet that houses a hospital telecommunications system… A maintenance worker accidentally spills coffee into the electrical server for a metalworking press... A 350-ton air conditioning system shorts out on the roof of a hotel…. Unexpected occurrences like these can damage your valuable equipment and cause expensive production delays or interrupt cash flow. How will you continue to run your business in the event of an equipment breakdown?

Chubb Equipment Breakdown Defender
offers broader, off-the-shelf equipment breakdown insurance for a variety of industries. You get insurance that doesn’t require lots of endorsements to round it out—making it easier to do business with us. Consider these advantages:

  • Blanket Limit of Insurance for selected coverages—In the tradition of our leading Customarq products, Chubb now offers a $250,000 Blanket Limit of Insurance for selected coverages, including Electronic Data, Expediting Expenses, Public Safety Service Charges, Spoilage of Product at Scheduled Locations, Spoilage Resulting from Utility-Owned Equipment and Water Damage. At the time of a loss, you can use insurance dollars where they are needed most. You may purchase separate, higher limits of insurance for these selected coverages if needed, or you may purchase a higher Blanket Limit.
  • Flexibility—We offer a wide choice of terms and conditions. Additional insurance, such as Ammonia Contamination and Food Spoilage, can be purchased separately if you require higher limits. This gives you flexibility to customize our policy to best fit your needs.
  • Ease of use—Our form is easy to read and takes the guesswork out of the policy. Plus, our product dovetails well with property policies for a better overall insurance solution.
  • Greener and safer—A Green Standards feature is included for existing “green” buildings and equipment, so you can rebuild to LEED standards or replace energy-efficient equipment in the event of an insured loss. Our Enhanced Safety feature provides up to 25% in additional limits if you rebuild or replace existing equipment with safer features.

Services that Keep You Going
Unsurpassed loss control services and world-renowned claim handling back every Equipment Breakdown Defender policy.

  • Loss control—We understand the hazards that could cripple your business. Our dedicated, board-certified Equipment Breakdown engineers have industry-specific knowledge to help reduce or minimize loss. Chubb engineers perform required jurisdictional inspections and conduct surveys and accident investigations as needed. Loss prevention services include thermography imaging, oil and vibration analysis, and other predictive tests.
  • Claim service—Our reputation for claim-handling excellence stems from a focus on getting you back to business as soon as possible after a loss. A dedicated Equipment Breakdown Claim Unit provides superior service through our consistent, team-oriented approach. What’s more, if you have a loss, chances are the same risk engineer who conducted the original inspection will also conduct your initial loss investigation, for continuity of service.

Target Customer Profile
for Chubb Equipment Breakdown Defender Insurance

  • Municipalities
  • Water and sewer processing utilities
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Hotels and motels
  • Publishing and printing
  • Communications and broadcasting
  • Life sciences and biotech companies
  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Electronics
  • Chemical manufacturers

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