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Global Reports

Chubb Multinational Solutions offers its customers a suite of reports to assist in reviewing and analyzing their controlled master programs.


The Account Snapshot provides a comprehensive report detailing issued and pending policies that are part of controlled master program. Property, casualty and professional liability policy details—such as risk information, policy limits, exposure and deductibles—are at your fingertips in one place.

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Global Service Reports demonstrate Chubb Multinational Solutions’ commitment to timely policy issuance around the world:

  • Global Service Reports Policy Effective Date Report - Provides a policy count of underlying policies that have been issued or are currently in process  within a specified time frame compared to their policy effective date
  • Days in Status - Provides a policy count of underlying policies that are In Process waiting for completion. 

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Global Loss Run Reports can help companies quickly identify emerging loss trends.

Chubb’s Global Loss Run Reports provide companies with detailed loss information for the entire controlled master program. Master and locally admitted insurance claims by country, year and policy are available from as far back as 1994 to the current time. Reports with graphs can be generated as a PDF or Excel file, enabling the customer to customize the information.

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