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Property and Liability Insurance

At your educational institution, knowledge is what you pass on to your students; at Chubb, our more than 30 years of knowledge is what we use to help protect you with our Customarq for Educational Institutions package product. Customarq provides state-of-the-art property and liability insurance protection with features that respond to your unique needs as an educational institution.

Types of Educational Institutions We Insure
We insure not-for-profit and for-profit educational institutions of all sizes. Our customers include:

  • Elementary/secondary schools (K-12)
  • Public and private junior colleges, colleges and universities
  • Data processing schools, business schools, vocational/trade adult schools

Property and Liability Benefits
Customarq sets the bar for innovative insurance solutions.

  • An automatic Blanket Limit of Insurance for 12 selected property coverages
  • Broad “all-risk” property and income perils, such as water damage and mechanical or electrical breakdown 
  • Automatic limits offered for specific property coverages, and additional limits may be purchased
  • Broad replacement cost provisions, a benefit for the architecturally significant or green building on your campus
  • Business income and extra expense protection with an unlimited period of restoration – to help your institution return to operation following a loss
  • Insurance for personal property of others (e.g., students, visitors, volunteers) located in common areas in the institution’s care, custody or control  
  • Insurance for property used in your research and development operations (e.g., prototypes, formulas, plans, records), with enhanced perils and separate limits
  • Insurance for outdoor plantings to protect your landscaping and manicured grounds
  • General liability insurance for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury to a third party, which helps protect an institution’s assets and reputation from a variety of exposures.

Global Approach
If you have exposure overseas (e.g., international campus, study abroad program), you can obtain the same quality insurance protection provided in your domestic program simply by adding Customarq's Global Extension. We can insure your domestic and foreign exposures under one insurance contract, including differences in conditions / differences in limits features that manage gaps contained in policies issued in a foreign country.

Or, if you would like to insure your international exposures separately, our World Network or Exporters Package Portfolio products are scaled to meet your insurance needs.  

Customized Property and Liability Options
Customarq for Educational Institutions offers a variety of additional, optional property and liability insurance features to address the specific exposures of educational institutions.

  • Expenses incurred to evacuate students and faculty pursuant to civil order due to imminent covered loss
  • Green standards upgrade – insurance protection if you want to rebuild to a higher standard of green certification from that which existed prior to a loss
  • Research animals / live animals
  • Additional protection for contamination clean-up
  • Builder’s Risk insurance provides property insurance protection for new construction or renovations on your campus
  • Mobile Equipment provides insurance for loss or damage to equipment often used to maintain grounds and athletic fields
  • Abuse or Molestation liability

At Chubb, knowledge is as important to us as it is to you. For more information about Chubb’s Customarq for Educational Institutions package policy, contact your insurance agent or broker.

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