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Educational Institutions

Choose depth of knowledge and breadth of insurance

Managing an educational institution can be complex and demanding. Chubb has been committed to insuring educational institutions for more than 30 years, providing tailored property, casualty, professional and management liability insurance; risk management education; and loss prevention services. With our depth of knowledge and our financial stability, you can count on us to help you manage your institutional risks. 

Consider the potential risks you may face: 

  • A fire in your largest dorm requires hundreds of your students to be temporarily housed in local hotels.
  • A pipe bursts in your library, destroying computer equipment and many books.
  • A student driver loses control of a school’s van causing the van to roll over resulting in multiple injuries to passengers.
  • One of your tenured professors traveling in the Middle East for a research project contracts a potentially fatal parasitic disease.
  • Donors are dissatisfied their funds have been deployed for purposes beyond what was intended and sue for corrective action.
  • A University store supervisor steals cash sales and also processes fictitious refund credits to a debit card under her control.
  • A tenured professor sues the university and fellow staff faculty members for wrongful termination and tortious interference with contract.

Customized for your needs

Chubb has a proven track record of insuring educational institutions - from elementary/ secondary schools through college and universities. For a risk consultation to learn how to protect your institutions, find an agent in your area.


Studying abroad is often the pinnacle of a student’s collegiate experience. Today, your institution is faced with unique and expanding risk when sending your students abroad.

Caring for Your Student Travelers

Elementary and Secondary Schools 

You are entrusted with the lives and futures of children. The risks facing kindergarten through twelfth grade schools are unique and evolving. Take advantage of our expertise to craft an insurance program specific to your needs, and to help you manage your exposures.

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Higher Education Institutions 

Historic properties? Professors and students who travel internationally? Student drivers of University-owned vehicles? Tenured professors and diverse staff? We can help you with insurance policies tailored to Higher Education needs and provide you with unparalleled loss control and claims services.

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