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Consumer Marketing Programs

Target Markets:
- Associations
- Financial Institutions 
- Alumni Groups
- Fraternal Organizations 
- Trade Associations 
- Rotary and Military Groups
- Sports Associations and Unions 

One program doesn’t fit all.  Changes in the marketplace have caused customers’ needs to change, and Chubb Accident & Health (A&H) can help with a robust line-up of risk management solutions geared for consumers and affinity markets.

Tailored for very specific needs, these programs are intended to supplement the insured’s current insurance policies and optimize their insurance choices.  Talk with your Chubb representative to develop a program to meet your organization’s needs.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
AD&D pays a benefit if an accident results in loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing.  AD&D is the core benefit often customized with additional features and benefits to address the unique needs of a group, such as Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Lost/Damaged/Delayed Baggage, Emergency Evacuation Insurance, Hotel/Motel Burglary.

Thank you AD&D
Commonly offered as a “thank you” for being a customer of a financial institution or member of an organization, this coverage can be offered as complimentary AD&D for a certain amount or period of time.  It can then be paid for by the consumer in incremental amounts or after a period of time.

Hospital Indemnity Plans
Helps those who have been involved in an accident requiring a hospital stay.  Hospital Indemnity Plans can give insureds a daily cash benefit for every day in the hospital, plus days home recuperating.  The insured can use this benefit for any purpose he or she wishes, including medical deductibles or even monthly bills such as rent, homeowner’s maintenance fees and child care expenses.

Accident Medical Expense Insurance Plans (AME)
AME, packaged with AD&D, is a reimbursement benefit that helps pay for medical expenses if an accidental bodily injury causes an insured to incur medical expenses.  It helps cover the out of pocket insurance expenses that are a result of an accident.  AME can be a great supplement insurance to those who have high deductible medical plans.

Accident Disability Insurance Plans
These plans are packaged with AD&D and pay a benefit if an accidental bodily injury causes an insured person to be unable to work.  

Rented Vehicle Damage
This benefit will reimburse repair or replacement costs to a covered rental car involved in an accident if the automobile rental fee is charged to the insured person’s account.  It is an added incentive in developing a comprehensive benefit package.

Personal Protection Insurance
Avail yourself to an advanced plan that covers expenses associated with identity theft and fraudulent credit card use.