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Hospital Indemnity Plans

Target Markets:
- Associations
- Engineering Companies 
- Financial Institutions 
- Hospitals
- Law Firms
- Life Science Companies 
- Manufacturing Companies
- Technology Companies 
- Schools/Universities 
- Utility Companies

Chubb can help employers and organizations better serve their members with the incentive of voluntary coverage, packaged in competitively priced policies.

Hospital Indemnity Plans provide covered individuals with a cash benefit that can be used as the insured chooses, such as paying for deductibles, mortgage payments, rent or other bills.

This is especially attractive to associations, financial institutions, employee and affinity groups who can help fill the gap caused by employer shifts to high deductible medical plans.

Accident Only Hospital Indemnity Plan
With this plan, insureds receive a daily cash benefit if they are hospitalized as a result of an accident.  Additional benefits provide coverage for intensive care unit confinement, emergency room outpatient care – even for recuperation time and inflation protection.

Accident and Sickness Hospital Indemnity Plan
This new plan offers clients a supplemental insurance solution that will provide in-hospital coverage for sickness, not just accidents.