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Customize Loss Scenarios with My Loss Scenarios

Five easy steps to more sales with customized and personalized loss scenarios

Imagine what loss scenarios—customized by you—could do for your sales? With Chubb’s Web-based My Loss Scenarios, you can make your clients’ greatest concerns come alive. This online library of professional and management liability and property and casualty loss situations enables you to create a powerful, customized document that helps your clients realize why businesses like theirs need insurance coverage.

My Loss Scenarios is available 24/7 exclusively to Chubb-appointed agents via @chubb.

It takes just a few minutes and 5 easy steps to create a customized, personalized document. Watch this quick Flash demonstration to see just how easy it really is.

Why You’ll Love My Loss Scenarios

  • My Loss Scenarios allows you to make Chubb’s loss scenarios your own.
  • It helps you educate your clients about their potential losses, making it easier to see their need for the coverages you recommend.
  • In only minutes, you select as many or as few loss scenarios as you need from an expansive library.
  • Your opportunities to customize your final loss scenario document are virtually unlimited.
  • Your personalized document lets your clients know it came from you.
  • Chubb regularly adds new loss scenarios to the library.
  • Select loss scenarios specifically tailored to the following industry/market segments:
    • Financial institutions
    • Health care organizations
    • Life sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Not-for-profit organizations
    • Privately held companies
    • Professional services firms
    • Public companies
    • Real Estate
    • Technology

For more information about My Loss Scenarios contact your local Chubb branch or email info@chubb.com.