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eBusiness Solutions on @chubb

Chubb's online services are designed to make it easier for you to do business with us.  We offer multiple, complementary solutions that aid agents and brokers in servicing existing policyholders, improving your workflow with Chubb and acquiring new business.

You and your select customers worldwide can access @chubb using a unique Chubb ID and password that can be requested from your own office’s Agency Administrator.  (Agency Administrator ID’s must be requested from your local Chubb representative .)  Once you have your ID, you can make selections from a custom-tailored menu of online products and services – all designed to help you provide first-rate service to your clients.

Business Insurance Solutions

Chubb DecisionPoint - An online tool that makes it simple and intuitive to obtain a quote for professional & management liability coverage lines for privately owned companies and not-for-profit organizations. Let DecisionPoint help improve how quickly and efficiently you service your small and middle market clients. Learn more 

Chubb Commercial PaperFree - Imagine PDF versions of agent policy documents sent directly to your agency management system. Thanks to Chubb Commercial PaperFree, our revolutionary electronic policy distribution system, you can now receive electronic versions of all transactions that typically generate paper, including new lines, renewals, rewrites, endorsements, audits, cancellations, and more. Most commercial and executive lines products and policy types are included.  Learn more

WORLDcertTM   This state-of-the-art, interactive clinical trial insurance and certificate management system assures your life science or clinical research organization of fast, accurate documentation. System features include instant issuance and modification of global clinical trial insurance certificates and trial insurance quotes, a database of country-specific insurance requirements, certificate issuance in the local language, and customized insuring options. Learn more

Commercial Direct Bill Info Center

  • Inquiry - Agents and brokers can use Commercial Lines Direct Bill to review billing history on in-force policies, including installment plans and late notices, as well as the date payments are received.  Users can check the status of client payments and view and print copies of all bills generated by account or policy number.
  • Monthly Commission Statements - Select individuals within your agency or brokerage can access monthly direct bill commission summaries for their business insurance.  Agents and brokers can view and print documents by producer code, on demand, for current and historical statements

Commercial Lines PolicyView -  This system allows agents and brokers to view online the transaction history of nearly all their commercial and specialty insurance policies.  They can view or print copies of any or all of the forms issued for each account and, if they wish, order reprints of the actual policies.  In addition, agents and brokers can view policies in process by special arrangement with the underwriter.  This feature is especially valuable for complex risk management accounts, where collaboration between the underwriter and agent or broker is helpful in crafting the insurance program.

Online Business Loss Runs - Online Business Loss Runs enable agents and brokers to request and receive, in real time, commercial retail loss runs on accounts or individual policies for which they are the agent of record.  Reports are instantly generated in a PDF format that may be printed or saved and provide both a summary and detailed listing.  Get what you need and get it now!

Learn more about Online Business Loss Runs

Information & Network Technology E&O SMART Application - A web-based tool that creates customized new and renewal E&O applications based on the nature of a client's operation. It also provides an online repository for creating, completing, submitting and tracking information and network technology E&O applications. Producers can interact directly and securely with their clients throughout the application porocess, The foundation of the SMART Application is the Application Wizard. The Application Wizard asks selected questions related to an applicant's business activities. Based on responses to these key underwriting questions, the Application Wizard generates a customized application.

Learn more about SMART App

Motor Truck Cargo Express - Available to a limited number of agents, the Motor Truck Cargo Express System allows agents to apply for Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Insurance via the Internet. This system quotes and binds policies for qualified accounts and issues policies within 72 hours. This system also allows online processing of FHWA and Form H filings and endorsements. Use Motor Truck Cargo Express to view existing policies, print a specimen policy or obtain marketing materials

Learn more about Motor Truck Cargo Express

Online Builders’ Risk provides the ability to obtain quotations, request binding, and order policies and endorsements for certain commercial and residential Builder’s Risk projects via the Internet.  Common endorsements supported are mortgage interest, additional named insured, change of term and increased limits.  In addition, the system provides immediate prints of binders, product fact sheets and specimen contract language.  Agents and brokers can determine if a project qualifies for this program by responding to a few short questions.  If the project qualifies, a quotation will be provided immediately.  This system is offered on a region-by-region basis and is not available in all states.

Learn more about Online Builders' Risk

Contractors' Equipment Express - Through Contractors’ Equipment Express, commercial producers will be able to instantaneously obtain a rate, quote or binder for contractors' equipment insurance.  A submission entails just a few questions and takes less than 10 minutes. In addition, Contractor's Equipment Express allows you to process renewals, print quote letters, binders and client invoices.

Learn more about Contractors' Equipment Express

Building Valuation System - This online tool from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MS/B) makes it easy to quickly assess the value of a commercial building. The robust application provides detailed, up-to-date commercial valuation data in an easy-to-use format, enabling you to better determine adequate limits and ensure appropriate premiums for your clients.

CargoPort SM  by Chubb - This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system offers real-time access to ocean cargo policy details and related import/export activity. Cargo certificates may be issued on line, and shipping activity and storage exposures can be automatically recorded, reducing errors and eliminating cumbersome paperwork. Likewise, invoice activity may be reviewed on line at any time. A first notice of loss can be submitted electronically for more expedient claim handling. Access to a proprietary vessel database simplifies the vessel verification process, and automatic OFAC searches help ensure compliance with U.S. sanctions.

Learn more about CargoPort SM  by Chubb

My Loss Scenarios  An online library of professional and management liability loss situations that enables producers, in only minutes, to create a powerful, customized loss scenario document that helps their clients realize their need for insurance coverage. Producers also have the option to personalize the document with their own agency information.

Learn more about My Loss Scenarios

eApplications with eSignatures - Developed for professional and management liability insurance products, eApplications with eSignatures provide agents, brokers and customers with a fast and easy way to complete and submit electronic applications.  eApplications with eSignatures are available on chubb.com under Forms and Applications, and no password or user ID are required.  The application can be completed, signed electronically, saved on the customer’s desktop and shared via email.  Once the agent or broker and customer have completed the application, they simply email it to Chubb.

Learn more about eApplications 

Customarq Classic Property Policy Forms - Agents and brokers can view specimen policy forms to realize the breadth of Customarq Classic property protection.  With just a few keystrokes, agents and brokers have instant access to Chubb's hallmark property contract.  The web page includes specimen contracts, endorsements and supplementary declarations policy forms.

Personal Insurance Solutions

Masterpiece®  Real-Time - Extensive agency input powered the design of this enhanced version of our Masterpiece processing system. The improved real-time interface, bridged from TransactNOW or Transformation Station, significantly reduces the time required to make common policy changes; enhances the ability to quote multiple deductible and coverage options; and provides our personal lines agents and brokers with fast, easy-to-use processing for most policy transactions. 

Agency Upload - Masterpiece®  Real-Time Bridge - An efficient way to quote new business, round out accounts or move business to Chubb, you may upload policy information directly from your agency management system, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming rekeying of information such as location addresses, VIN numbers and driver information. 

Learn more about Agency Upload (Quote Request) for your Vertafore system

Learn more about Agency Upload (Rate Request) for your Applied system

My Alerts! - This application is Chubb’s online document delivery service designed to help producers manage important Chubb documents online.  Agents can view and print all of Chubb’s Masterpiece® transaction information, including policies, bills and appraisals.

My Policies allows agents, brokers and policyholders to access personal lines policy, billing, claim and appraisal information. Through this area, agents can search by policy number or customer name to:

View policy details - You can review a coverage summary or print a copy of a policy.  You can also submit changes to a policy mailing address, update mortgagee information and more.

Check bill status - View the current amount due or payment history.  You also can look at billing records handled by bill payers other than the policyholder, such as a mortgage company.  In addition, policyholders can use our Web site to pay bills online.

Conduct a claim inquiry - Explore claim history or check the status of a current claim.  Claim numbers, relevant dates, payment amounts made to the policyholder, and adjuster contact information are available.

Access appraisals - If a homeowners policyholder has recently had a Chubb appraisal, both you and your policyholder can access the detailed appraisal report online.  These reports contain pictures of the home and estimated values to rebuild.

My Policies is co-branded with your agency's contact information and logo (if submitted) so policyholders can quickly and easily contact you if they have questions or want to update coverage.

Monthly Commission Summaries - Select individuals within your agency have access to monthly commission summary information for personal lines business. You can view and print commission documents by producer code or download to a spreadsheet to manipulate or export commission data.

Claims Solutions

Agency CheckView* - Available to all agents and brokers with @chubb access, Agency CheckView allows agents to view detailed claim-check payment information on third-party liability and first-party claims within 24 hours of the claim-check issuance.  Historical information is available from January 1, 2004, and allows the agent and broker to either view a list of payments, or a specific check.  In conformance with medical privacy laws and regulations, medical payment will not be displayed for any line of business.  An enhancement is the ability to view indemnity payments under Workers Compensation, not currently provided in paper copy.  D&O checks are not accessible through this facility.

Download the Agency CheckView Quick Reference Guide

Agency ClaimView - This system is designed to help agents and brokers provide immediate service to policyholders by supplying real-time, detailed information about claims. Use Agency ClaimView to view claim activity for all claims on personal and commercial accounts reported on or after January 1, 2003. Due to privacy laws and attorney client privilege, certain information such as medical notes, payments, protected and proprietary communications, as well as specialty lines of business may not be shown.  

Download the Agency ClaimView User Guide

Chubb Preferred Vendor application  - This application provides agents and brokers with on-line access to Chubb's network of quality auto repair shops.   It supports Chubb's goal of increasing customer service and allows the agency to respond to their client immediately with repair shop assistance.  Future roll-out plans are in place to extend this functionality to include our Property vendor networks.

Risk Management Solutions

Loss-History Analyzer tracks insured losses for policies written in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  This system is a Windows-based, risk- management information system designed to help Chubb commercial policyholders, agents and brokers keep track of their insured losses.  Monthly database updates are available 24/7 via automatic Internet download.  The system supports boiler & machinery, commercial auto, general liability, inland marine, ocean cargo, package property and workers compensation insurance.

ClaimView is an Internet-based risk-management information system for policyholders and their agents and brokers that provides real-time access to actual claim notes and financial information on specific policies.  Losses from policies written in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are available in ClaimView for commercial auto, general liability and workers compensation claims.

Learn more about Loss History Analyzer and ClaimView

RMIS Dimensions is designed for companies with a sizable cost of risk (defined as the sum of premium plus losses under the deductible or the insured’s retention) who require direct and timely access to their loss information.  The system allows policyholders and their agents and brokers to review and track deductible reimbursement information and provides agents and customers with real-time access to an unprecedented level of claim and loss information and many reporting query options via the Internet.  In addition, a data conversion service is offered that allows policyholders and their agents and brokers to have historical loss information from their prior carriers, self-insured program or TPA system converted to RMIS Dimensions.

Learn more about RMIS Dimensions

Administrative Tools

Chubb’s Online Enrollment Center provides a fast-and-easy way for agency employees to obtain User IDs and passwords for @chubb.   The agency designates an Agency Administrator (through its local Chubb representative), who has the authority to request and revoke agency User ID’s and passwords for agency employees.  The administrator can also perform maintenance tasks, such as adding or removing additional rights to existing ID’s, or revoking ID’s that are no longer valid (for example, if the   employee has left the agency).  This administrator will be responsible for all @chubb products and services across business and personal insurance lines.

Learn more about Online Enrollment for @chubb

Producer Appointment Express allows designated agency staff the ability to view up to date licensing and appointment information on file with Chubb for your agency.  You can view this information for both your agency and the individual producers within your agency.


Download the Producer Appointment Express Quick Reference Card.


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