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Getting Started with @chubb



How do I get my agency started using @chubb?

Before using @chubb, your agency will need to be set up to use the Chubb online enrollment system.


What is the enrollment system?

The Chubb online enrollment system provides a fast and easy way for agency employees to obtain User ID’s for Chubb’s secure Internet platform, referred to as "@chubb".  Each agency will designate an Agency Administrator with the authority to request new user ID’s, revoke existing user ID’s and perform other user ID maintenance functions.


How does the enrollment process work?

When the Agency Administrator requests a user ID via this system, a message is sent to the local Chubb branch office, where the Marketing or Branch Assistant will obtain the necessary approval.  New user ID’s are confirmed via a return email to the Agency Administrator. The new user receives a separate e-mail containing the password required for system access.

The Agency Administrator also has the authority to immediately revoke user ID’s in certain situations, such as when an individual leaves the agency’s employ. This is an important aspect of the Agency Administrator’s responsibility.

Learn more about Chubb's enrollment system


How to obtain an Agency Administrator?

The agency principal completes the attached application and sends it to the marketing assistant at the local Chubb branch to process.

Download the form to request an Agency Administrator


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