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Prospective Agents

Chubb is constantly looking for new producer appointments to complement our current appointments throughout the United States and Canada.

The key to Chubb's success has been the management of the Agent/Broker process. Some of the criteria that we use to evaluate Chubb & Son results are the same benchmarks that guide the success of an appointment with Chubb.

Chubb expects its agents/brokers to operate under the same business philosophy as Chubb. This includes the following attributes:

  • Character - impeccable reputation in all personal and professional interactions
  • Competence - professional experience and comprehension of the insurance industry's social, political, and economic trends
  • Capital - a proven track record of profitability and growth potential

Chubb appointments are handled through our branch network. To discuss a Chubb appointment, contact a local Chubb manager at the branch nearest you.