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Sales Support Solutions

Support for various aspects of the marketing and sales process.

Building Valuation System 

This tool from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MS/B) makes it easy to quickly assess the value of a commercial building - provides detailed, up-to-date commercial valuation data in an easy-to-use format, enabling you to better determine adequate limits and ensure appropriate premiums for your clients.

My Loss Scenarios 

An online library of professional and management liability & property and casualty loss situations that enables producers, in only minutes, to create a powerful, customized and personalized loss scenario document that helps their clients realize their need for insurance coverage.

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We designed eApplications (featuring eSignatures) to provide you and your clients with a fast, easy, convenient way to complete, sign,and submit applications for many Chubb professional & management liability and property & casualty insurance products.

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My Business Income Consultation 

Chubb’s online Business Income/Extra Expense calculator, “My Business Income Consultation from Chubb” makes it easier for you to determine accurate Business Income/Extra Expense limit of insurance.

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