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Chubb WORLDcert

A Revolution in Global Clinical Trials:

You’ve patented your new investigational product, but the clock is ticking on your product’s patent protection period. You need your global clinical trial program to run on-time, without a hitch, and patients need access to your potentially life saving or life extending product. Against that pressing backdrop, the inevitable last minute changes to the trial require urgent issuance or modification of local certificates of insurance in multiple countries prior to pending ethics committee meeting deadlines.

This situation repeats itself over and over in the Life Sciences space.  Delays in securing the necessary insurance documentation to allow a clinical trial to proceed on-time is especially critical since ethics committee meetings are often infrequent.  These delays can easily translate into millions in lost profits by shortening the period of exclusivity, making timely and accurate foreign trial certificate issuance the insurance-related issue most likely to have the CEO’s ear.

Chubb understands that while insurance is only one part of the global clinical trial process it can have a big impact on the trial sponsor or clinical research organization’s (CRO) ability to keep the ball rolling on a planned product launch. That’s why we developed WORLDcert, our automated, web-based foreign clinical trial quoting and automatic issuance system. 

Chubb’s state of the art, interactive clinical trial insurance and certificate management system, WORLDcert, can help you acquire accurate, compliant trial insurance documentation, instantaneously, thereby avoiding:

  • Ethics committee postponement of approvals
  • Narrowed patient exclusivity
  • Incurring extraordinary costs
  • Tarnishing important business relationships

WORLDcert also provides strong educational content and Country Guidelines to help you design an appropriate global trial program, and a  system within which to automatically issue certificates of insurance, in the local language and local currency, and with the stamps, signatures and certificate text required to satisfy the third parties with the power to delay your trial.  A process that used to be supremely frustrating and anxiety inducing has now been made efficient and intuitive.


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