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Build your Chubb Business Using Chubb's Upload Service

In today's marketplace, our agency partners are seeking efficient and effective methods to grow their business.  Within our suite of online services, Chubb is pleased to offer Upload Service with Masterpiece® Real-Time Bridge.  Now it is easier than ever to quote new customers, round out existing accounts, and do book transfers with Chubb.

Chubb Upload Service is currently available for Personal Automobile and Personal Homeowners policies.

Why Upload?

Chubb's Upload service allows you to copy information from your agency management system and transmit that information directly to Chubb.  This capability reduces duplicate entry of data, saves a considerable amount of time, and enables you to focus on growth through the acquisition and quoting of new policies.  Chubb's Upload service provides these key benefits:

  • Eliminates rekeying of data
  • Provides quick and easy quoting via TransactNOW TM or Transformation Station TM
  • Simplifies account rounding
  • Facilitates book transfers
  • Helps build your Chubb business
  • Automatic login of UserID and password

Eliminates Rekeying of Data

Approximately 65% of the information from the ACORD information, including client information, location addresses, VIN numbers, and driver information will "bridge" to Masterpiece Real-Time. 

Quick and Easy Quoting

Offer your customers the opportunity to consider Chubb for their personal insurance needs.  Now, with just a few quick and simple steps, you can offer them a quote for Masterpiece Home and Automobile coverage.  Chubb's Upload service is available for most Applied, Vertafore, and other agency management systems via TransactNOW and Transformation Station.  The bridge involves three easy steps:

  1. Find and submit the policy to be bridged using TransactNOW or Transformation Station;
  2. Masterpiece Real-Time will automatically launch, log you in, create a new policy using the pre-filled data, and bring you to that policy;
  3. In Masterpiece Real-Time, you can review the pre-filled data and complete the remaining data entry needed to rate and issue the policy.

Account Rounding

We understand that it is a challenge to find the time to quote and present proposals for existing clients with account rounding potential.  With the Masterpiece Real-Time Bridge and one-click Quote Proposal tool, Chubb makes this process fast and simple so that you can achieve agency growth through account development.  In states where Panorama Segmented Automobile Pricing has been introduced, there are the added benefits of broad spectrum pricing and portfolio discounts to accompany the simplified quote and proposal process.  Simply put, we want you to quote Chubb automobile for your Chubb homeowner clients and we've delivered online service enhancements to enable you to do so quickly and effectively.

Book Transfers

In today's turbulent market, it is important to be responsive to marketplace changes.  Sometimes these marketplace changes create a need for a transfer of a book of business from one insurer to another.  Upload simplifies a book transfer to Chubb by eliminating at least 50% of the manual data entry.  For more information or assistance with a book transfer, contact your local Chubb marketing representative.

Building your Chubb Business

Combine the power of Chubb's Upload service with our one-click quote proposal tool and you have a compelling presentation to offer to a prospective Chubb customer or an existing Chubb customer with account rounding potential. 

Automatic Login of UserID and Password

To further simplify the process, Chubb offers non-expiring passwords.  Enter your @chubb UserID and password into TransactNOW or Transformation Station and forget it!  Contact your Vertafore or Applied Systems representative to learn more about this time saving tool.

To Learn More

Training guides are available online on @chubb.  Contact your marketing representative or the CPI Premier Solutions team at 866.324.8222 for more information.

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